Shannon Ciricillo

NEW York City

Portrait + Lifestyle Photographer

Photographer / Artist / Writer


Give me the noise of city streets, slow mornings and adventures with no destination.

My style is rooted in recreating the beauty of vintage, fine art film photography through Captivating digital Imagery. I Believe in Photography without limitations, that is why I dabble in photographing people, places and things - in no particular order. In fact, I'm completely self taught, which has proven to be an intricate game of trial and error. Did someone say Kodak point & shoot?

Through my work, I aim to express my passion and create moments that not only feel authentic, but represent a bigger idea, thought or emotion for both myself as an artist and for my awesome clients. 

I aim to connect and create with people who are down to be a little unconventional, candid and definitely creative. Whether it's working with a lifestyle brand who has a story to tell, capturing the Movements of the human connection or snapping stills of every day life - the method to my madness is to create an image that evokes feeling. 

Because to me, photography like life is raw and real. And maybe the perfect shot doesn't exist, but trust me - It doesn't have to. 


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