Paris, A Spring Awakening

Spring has arrived in Paris & everything truly feels anew. The grey, dismal clouds and cold rain have receded, allowing the sunshine to finally show its projections of what I like to call happy blue. And so, I did what any cooped up gal would do and spent the entire weekend walking around Paris -- a city that is stunning in any season -- but really brings out all the flairs for its spring awakening.

We happened upon Passage Jouffroy, one of the most frequented passages, situated in the 9th arrondissement on Boulevard Montmartre. The passage is stacked with hidden pieces of french culture; restaurants, unique trinkets, a vintage hotel and exhibitions. My friend pulled me over to a store front that read: "Paris Est Une Photo" -- an exhibit tucked in toward the end of the passage. With its collections of vintage and contemporary photos - the images display a Paris I have always imagined, full of life, love and true art blossoming in the streets. 

On the corner just outside the passage is Le Brebant, a cafe straight out of the jungle with sprawling greenery and excellent glasses of rosé. Next door is La Crème de Paris, which stood out for having a neon sign that reads: "Les meilleures gaufres & crêpes de Paris" (the best waffles and crepes in Paris). And after one bite into our post-wine treat, I can attest that their confidence is rightly suited. Can you imagine anything better than a salted caramel crepe with a spoonful of coffee ice cream? Yeah, me either.. let the crepe cravings ensue.

We continued with a stroll through the Palais Royal, where the people of Paris basked in the sun as children ran fiercely, couples exchanged delicate kisses and golden retrievers cooled off in the fountain. The Seine was a gathering of relaxers and readers and heaps of sightseers passed on the river boat below the Pont du Carrousel bridge. 

We sat and let the light hit our faces, a satisfying feeling of true warmth. We took a pause and talked, shared, laughed until the sun began to set. Beneath the row of bridges, illuminating the sky into pastels of orange and pink, marking the end of what will be remembered as a truly perfect day.