Drinking Cocktails for Research: Parisian Night Out "Sherry Butt & Serpent A Plume"

There are two ways to escape the winter cold of Parisian life: stay huddled in your chambre du bonne or strap on your coat for a night out on the town. Okay, well more like a casual bar hop within a few blocks radius.. but you get the gist. Checking off the list of top rated bars in Paris, we headed to the Marais neighborhood in the 4th arrondissement to check out Sherry Butt and Serpent A Plume.

Sherry Butt has a rustic, low lit interior where each drink has a hint of nutty flavor. Perfect for a date night or small get together with friends, the atmosphere and cocktails made this bar a top spot for going out afterwork or on the weekends. The staff here was incredibly kind and friendly, offering us their suggestions on the house’s best concoctions. Cocktails here go for 13 euro a piece. We sampled the Gen N’ Roses, Khalassi and Ronin.


Serprent A Plume was located behind the square of Place des Vosges. From the exterior, it looks empty - a fancy restaurant that we couldn’t pretend to afford. Until we asked the doorman if we were in the right spot, he assured us that we would find the bar downstairs. A place with complete class and impeccable design, Serpent A Plume is the chic bar that is worth the visit while in Paris.

Velvet green couches, an illuminated bar and even a hot tub huddled into a swanky cave like atmosphere. The music is of good taste and the staff had that extra degree of calm, cool and collected. The drinks were unique and crafted with intention, ranging from 14 euros to around 18. We sampled the Days of Being Wild, Never Keep a Lady Waiting and Mogli.

Still LifeShannon Ciricillo