The Feminine Power of King Princess

 From her i-D Editorial, truly stunning imagery by   Michael Bailey Gates     Jimi Urquiaga  - Fashion Editor/Stylist   Silvia Cincotta  - Hair Stylist   Kali Kennedy  - Makeup Artist   

From her i-D Editorial, truly stunning imagery by  Michael Bailey Gates 

Jimi Urquiaga - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Silvia Cincotta - Hair Stylist

Kali Kennedy - Makeup Artist


Every so often, a new artist emerges on the music scene with a sound that echoes complete and utter artistic domination. A rarity in our saturated media society, such a musical talent can only be praised in the sea of synthetic beats and lyrics that all sound far too similar. 

In our search for ingenuity and integrity, a talent like King Princess has begun to pave her way across the scene with such authenticity and connection, that it's seriously difficult to not to love everything about her. 

In her hit single 1950, the artist pulls at the broken hearts with her story of unrequited love. An anthem to those who understand the complexity and wave of emotions that span from like to love to heartbreak - the song is infused with such emotion, you cannot help but feel as if she is recounting your own personal experiences.

With the lyric, "So, tell me why my gods look like you," King Princess hints at the attachment and even obsession that can occur whilst in love. The intrinsic vulnerability she conveys when we place another human being on a pedestal of sorts by the ways of love. A true note to how raw and honest our hearts can build, bend and break. 

The entirety of her work found on her debut EP, "Make My Bed" is one poetically complex story of being young, in love, heartbroken and in pursuit of finding yourself. With tracks such as Talia, Upper West Side and Holy - King Princess captures and captivates us with her prose and relatable truth. 

The creative and artistic directions of her album take note to the simplicity and rawness of life - omitting the oh-so trite essence of heavily inorganic productions. She is a woman of true ingenious power from start to finish.  

As a new artist on the scene, King Princess has just only begun what will most definitely be a successful career in the industry. Artists with such a genuine voice and honest expression deserve nothing but the highest of recognition. In true musical fashion, King Princess is the artist you need to watch.